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Download the Money Mindset Shifter and immediately identify what internal stories surrounding money could be costing you tens of thousands (if not millions) of dollars in lost revenue so that you can move from Struggling Seller to StorySeller in minutes!

This easy to navigate tool will take you through 13 money based assessment questions that will help you build a more financially sound sales pipeline.

What Are The Internal Stories Around Money, Value, Cashflow and Investment that hold you back? 

Mel Cant, CEO
The game-changer was my relationship with spending vs investment vs value - my latest corporate client bought in an initial $20K+ with more to come’
Anthony English - Bernadette McClelland
Anthony English, Entrepreneur
I was a money giver until I heard your ideas. I never realised it was a problem until now. My beliefs were around the fact that I didn't want to be a money taker. Thank you!
Valentin Nordstroem - Bernadette McClelland
Valentin Nordstroem, UK
’FIrstly, I had no idea how to sell value and by working with you and through the Money Mindset Shifter that was enough for me to double my fee!’ Thank you!!

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Bernadette McClelland helps Business Owners, Sales Leaders and Salespeople elevate their level of connection, deepen the value of their sales conversations and accelerate the speed of their conversions.

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